Dream a Better Dream

Donation to Summit School Foundation ~ Montreal                                                                         
MONTREAL, Canada, December 11, 2015
This past December 1st, it was a real pleasure for me to give a donation to the Summit School, which services over 550 special needs students from the Greater Montreal area. The students and teachers warmly welcomed me in their midst at their Academic TECC division, located in Downtown Montreal. 
Having an older sister who is mentally disabled, I have experienced first hand, the importance of education and the availability of specialized schools as well as daily activity and work programs. 
As teenager, I was regularly annoyed when my school books went missing and I had to look for them in my sisters’ bedroom. Often, I found her sitting at her desk where she would trace all the numbers and characters on the pages. At a later age, I realized that this was her way of showing her eagerness to learn, and desire to simply be the same; go to school and do homework, just like her siblings.

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‘Make Someone Feel Good’

Make someone feel good this Christmas….and the days beyond that!

House Of 3 Tents

What a fabulous way of happy living Glen and Gerry have created for themselves in this unique DIY set up of 3 tents. Very close to nature, smart, efficient, yet very comfortable.

See how they build their own nirvana:

Peppers on the Roof!

This is a Canadian heirloom Albino pepper plant, which interestingly enough grows not only albino peppers but also other peppers in a variety of different colours and shapes.
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Rooftop Fall!

Fall on the Rooftop has started. These are the leaves of a blueberry patriot showing off its beautiful fall season colours!

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African Basil by Sunset in Montreal

When I was making this photo, the flowers of this basil bathing in the sunlight, made me think of the tail of an animal that lives on the island of Madagascar, the Lemur.

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Confetti Bowl

Real fun to make with your kids!

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Newspaper Stars!

Done with reading your newspaper this morning?
We love this DIY –>

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Storage Floor Space Saver

Urban Design of a floor storage idea!
Love it!
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Ever seen a Pineberry?

According to Wikipedia: “Pineberries were nearly extinct until 2003, when Dutch farmers saved the plant. The farmers found the plant in France and decided to grow it commercially. As a result of many selections over time, the plants they found yielded only one or two berries per plant. The farmers took cuttings and grew hundreds of plants and selected the healthy ones. This was repeated for six years until they had healthy plants.”
Source: Wikipedia:

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Raspberry Summer Morning!

Wish you a beautiful day! Gera

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Junk Mail Art!

One way of recycling all those piles of junk mail we all receive. Have a look at this wonderful tutorial ->
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DIY Spider Web!

 Fun to create with your kids on this Wednesday afternoon!
Tutorial ->
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Bee & Berry!

One doesn’t go without the other!
i wish you a very nice start of your week! Gera

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Raspberry View!

After providing them with new organic soil and compost a few weeks ago, our raspberry bushes felt refreshed and started to growing many new sprouts, filling them with a second batch of raspberry fruits! They are beautiful red and delicious! On the background you see the Mont-Royal.
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