My memories of our family breakfasts in Holland are many pleasant ones!

During the week, my family enjoyed early morning (quick and hasty, especially for me 😉 ) breakfasts at the bar area, separating the kitchen from the dining room. Sunday mornings though, the whole family would take the time and sit at the dining table for a more extensive breakfast. Many delicious toppings would be on the table, depending on the season, however always the famous Dutch chocolate sprinkles (‘chocolade hagel’ ), ‘gestampte muisjes’ (freely translated: ‘crushed mice’ which is a crushed aniseed powder), Dutch cheeses and of course….eggs!

The eggs were boiled according to the preferences of everybody. My sister preferred her egg more ‘running’ and I preferred mine ‘almost firm’, meaning that the eggs had to be taken out of the boiling water one after each other….4 min, 6 min, 8 min, etc. To make sure that all family members could enjoy a warm egg at the same time, we had each our own egg warmer. Home made egg warmers, ours were a combination of egg warmers made by us in school and antique ones. My mum still has them and was so kind to make a picture of them, see below. The house is the oldest one, made by my great-grandmother, probably in the early 1900. The rabbit….well….I guess it easy to see that, that one is also handmade….by one of us kids.

Besides being very practical, egg warmers are really fun to have at the breakfast table. It creates a smile with everybody, especially with kids when they have their own egg warmer. As my great-grand mother did, egg warmers are easy to make yourself, below a few links to some blogs where people came up with some very nice, self made egg warmers ideas.

Are you not feeling of doing it yourself or simply don’t have the time to make them, then you can also check out our Planting Happiness shop, where we offer a selection of ready made funky egg warmers!

Enjoy your warm eggs in the morning!

Bon appetit! Eet smakelijk! Gera