2013 has started! Plenty of fabulous new years resolutions in the air! As you can see in our Planting Happiness Explained Video, one of Planting Happiness’ focus is ‘Doing It Yourself’; to create, save and share with others.

During 2013, we like to share with you our ideas on this. One of our many ideas on how to achieve a saving is a new product, which we would like to offer to you.

The coming week, we will post several photos and hints of this newest product on our Planting Happiness Facebook page.
The first person whom guesses correctly, which product we are talking about, will receive the actual item from us as prize!

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On January 11, we will announce the WINNER and tell you all the ‘ins and outs’ about this new product and how it can create a saving for you!

So…here we go! 🙂