100+ Fabulous Ideas of ReUsing Corks! 
Many of us save up the wine corks as memory of a wonderful evening or special moment in your life! Why not extend your experience and continue the memories to that wonderful evening even longer? You can do so by creating a great keychain, a practical herb marker, as candle decoration or one of the many more other ideas we like to share with you! Under the following link you can find all the tutorials and steps to 100+ ideas, to help you create! http://pinterest.com/planthappiness/work-those-corks/
Have fun and enjoy your weekend! 

planting-happiness-work-those-corks-birdhouse planting-happiness-work-those-corks-chair planting-happiness-work-those-corks-dogleash planting-happiness-work-those-corks-herb-markers planting-happiness-work-those-corks-keychains planting-happiness-work-those-corks-knight-crochet planting-happiness-work-those-corks-needle-quilting planting-happiness-work-those-corks-plants-wall planting-happiness-work-those-corks-vase-candle