On the morning news, I learned that we are going to have a few days of +7 to +9C in Montreal. This means that we not only get the joy of (hopefully) sunshine and access to our natural source of Vitamin D, BUT it also means that our fellow little ‘inhabitants’ of our city will start waking up. All beehives in the city, like on the rooftop of Palais des Congrès , the (Fairmont) Queen Elizabeth Hotel and many others locations, will start buzzing again! Soon the bees will be ready to fly out and when they do, they are of great importance to nature and to us! 
The important thing that bees do is pollinate. Pollination is absolutely crucial for all plants to be able to reproduce and nature is depending on the bees and other insects to take care of that in their ‘job’ as pollinators. Without pollination, no flowers, no plants!
Next to that, bees produce a wide variety of delicious honey, which many of us loooovvveee!
Bees are not aggressive creatures, they just want to fly unbothered from one flower to the other, and have totally no interest to harm anyone. They only sting, when they get ‘squashed’ by us! 
The next time when you see a bee, just let it be(e) ;-), don’t try to squash it, just let it fly by and think of the amazing flowers you see around you and the delicious honey you will enjoy eating, all thanks to them!

To stay in the theme, a fun family movie to watch during an afternoon is ‘Bee Movie’, its one of my favourites.
Enjoy your Sunshine this upcoming Easter Weekend! Gera