Planting Happiness supports…The Summit School (Ecole Le Sommet)! For every product which is bought at the Planting Happiness Shop, we will donate $1 to The Summit School!
The Summit School, which has been founded in 1963, has its main campus located in the Ville St Laurent borough of Montreal and its TECC satellite campus located in downtown. It currently services over 520 special needs students by creating an individualized and enriching environment. The students ranges ages from 4 to 21, with intellectual disabilities including behavioural and emotional disturbances, autism, Down Syndrome and severe learning disabilities.

Yesterday, I had the real pleasure of visiting the main campus in Ville St Laurent and over the coming months, I will share more information with you on the Summit School and its activities, programs and events.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit their website –>

I wish you a very nice Wednesday! Gera