Wake Up with No Electricity! How prepared are you?!

This early morning, I woke up with no electricity, not in my place, not in the building, not in the ‘hood’! No one knows the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and the more important ‘when’ (it will be back), so I am ‘broadcasting’ to you now from a nice coffee location.
The lack of electricity made me realize once again, how (not) prepared we are, how (not) prepared I am.
Living in an urban area, one automatically thinks that backup generators in buildings will do their job, take over and do supply you with electricity, but what if those are only used to supply electricity to the most necessary locations, like emergency exits and lights?
Battery pack, yes we have that one in place, but what if that only provides us with a couple of hours of electricity? If not with only 1 hour after hooking up all laptops and smart phones!
Walking downtown finding a spot with electricity and wifi, I enjoyed the warm morning sun. A source full of life and energy for electricity, which is such a big part of our life! The sun’s energy being so close-by, YET so far away at the same time! Or isn’t it?
Solar energy is gaining more and more popularity. More companies and private properties are installing solar panels on their roofs. But what about all the buildings downtown, what about all the individuals living in apartment and condo complexes downtown?
Makes me wonder, would you like it when the building where you live has solar panels on its roof, to supply us with greener and cheaper electricity? Would you like to catch your own rays of sunshine by having your own mini solar panel units in your apartment or condo and be self-sufficient?
I love to hear your thoughts on this!
Enjoy your sunny Saturday! Gera