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Very convenient and practical for watering your organic growing vegetables, tomato plants and flowers!

IRISO Water Drippers are an efficient system for delivering your houseplants, or garden plants, water 24 hours a day even when you are away. The Iriso single unit drippers help you to turn regular plastic drinks bottles into water storage tanks to supply the plants with constant water. 

The IRISO Water Dripper line of 10 drippers is a system that helps you to convert an old barrel or bucket into a device to keep your plants watered.
The device can be set to a number of drip rates to allow it to be compatible to a range of plant sizes and field coverage. By using a large size bucket or barrel you can ensure your organic urban garden or tomato plants are watered even if you are away for days or weeks.

The enclosed system supplies water directly into the soil, helping to prevent the water from evaporating.
It does this without using any electricity or access to mains water supply as it uses gravity to provide the plant with the water from the bottle.

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