Planting Happiness…it all started with a series of inspiring experiences and sparks!

June 2012

After many years enjoying a larger size apartment with garden, located off-downtown, I moved into a very lovely, modern, smaller apartment with balcony in the heart of downtown Montreal. The smaller apartment offered us interesting challenges regarding limited indoor storage, living space and gardening. Browsing through garden centers and hardware stores, I noticed that the available selection of products to use in smaller spaces and balconies, was very limited, too bulky and not practical at all.

Based on that experience, I decided to source online and with the inspiration found, I started off with creating my own vertical garden concept by using old pallets. This to maximize the gardening space on my balcony as well as hiding the ugly metal dividing wall. You can check out how it looks on the ‘Do It Yourself’ page.

July 2012

While searching for the right plants to fit into that vertical garden concept, I visited the Atwater plants market (Montreal) and came across a gardening company which carries beautiful plants. The day that I was visiting them, was the end of their sales season and upon buying some plants from them, we started talking about the vertical garden I was putting together, as well as the large quantity of plants, still waiting to be sold, at the store. At the end of the pleasant chat, the owner of the gardening store offered me to pick up all unsold annual plants for free at the end of that day, since they would otherwise throw them on the compost.

At the end of that afternoon, together with a dear friend, I returned to that stall and picked up all left over annual plants, as many as we could carry and drive back and forth to the garage of my friend. Within the 24 hours following, we distributed 50-some plants amongst friends and people who could not afford them this season. It was one of the most satisfying experiences I had during the last few months, nothing better than seeing the surprised and happy faces of the people who received the plants!

Telling my love about my experience, he mentioned that I was ‘Planting Happiness’ with many people! Two simple words with such a powerful meaning, which inspired me to create the Planting Happiness brand and foundation, as you can read more about under the other pages in this blog.

I am looking forward to you joining me, Planting Happiness with your friends, families, neighbors and many others in need around the world!

Thank you!

– Gera –

Founder Planting Happiness