Wine box Gardening!

Great example of urban terrace gardening with the help of old wine boxes!
Simple, cheap and reuse of materials, all in one!

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Aubergine in the Sky!

Good morning, afternoon, evening to you!
This early morning, I noticed that our aubergine (eggplant) is growing very nicely. Such a beautiful colour! I am always amazed when I see vegetables grow, organically and 18 floors high in the sky!

I wish you a very nice start of your week! Gera

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Zucchini Pollination

What did I do this morning? I pollinated a Sicilian Zucchini! It took a while before the female flowers showed up, but this morning they ‘arrived’. We have not enough bees flying around in this corner of the roof, so I decided to pollinate the female flowers with the male flowers by hand. A girl got to do, what a girl got to do! 

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Water drip your tomato plants!

Super to work with those and they are not expensive to buy.
We use in our urban roof terrace gardening and have put them in our the pots of our tomato plants, where they drip feed approx. 1,5 litres of water during the day. The continuous drip avoids the skins of the tomatoes to crack, as you can see on my previous pictures, our tomatoes are nicely round and growing fast. Thanks to this water dripper combined with a lot of gardening love!


Indoor Grass Table

I love the idea, maybe with good drainage that doesn’t wet on the floor, one can grow organic vegetables in it instead of the grass? 
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Plant Surfing!

Hit the waves with your plants?
ReThink & ReUse! Fun way of vertical urban gardening.



Bullnose Albino Pepper on a very rainy morning!

This pepper is a Canadian heirloom, about 2cm tall right now, has to grow up to 8 to 10cm. Nothing more exciting than to see this heirloom grow on the rooftop terrace. With all the heavy thunder and wind storms of this past week, it is still standing strong! Super excited about it!

Spider Web Course!

Kids Fun for a too hot or too rainy summer day! Easy to do on a balcony as well when you live in a smaller urban setting.

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Clip-On Picnic Utensils

Super idea and really practical!
Easy to diy ->

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Urban Farming – Seoul, South Korea.

These photos we received from Kay, our Planting Happiness friend in Seoul, South Korea. She took these photos at a rooftop in her neighbourhood, where they recently started with urban farming. Thank you Kay for sharing this with us!

Kay-1 Kay-2 Kay-3 Kay-4 Kay-6

Baseball Nightstand

Easy and fun DIY project when you have an old baseball bat laying around. Tutorial –>

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Pink Girl for Breakfast!

The first organic grown Pink Girl tomato of this season, bathing in full sun on the roof this morning.

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Hold my Pencil Please!

Many different original and practical ways of creating pencil holders! More at 

planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-4 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-6 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-7 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-8 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-9 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-11 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-12 planting-happiness-home-diy-2013-pencil-holder-wood-kids

Welcome & Thank You!

Welcome @ Planting Happiness! Good morning, afternoon, evening, night to you!

During the last weeks and months, I had to pleasure to welcome many new people at this Planting Happiness blog. It is great to see and ‘e-meet’ you here, hopefully one day we will meet in person! 🙂 In the meantime, I just would like to express a sincere and humble ‘Thank You’ to you. I highly appreciate your “likes” and the messages you send me.

Planting Happiness is my personal ‘brain-sprout’, launched successfully last year October, and it is focused on providing Ideas and Products for Better Urban Living and Gardening!  If you would like to know more on how it started, what my ‘Spark’ was, feel free to read my story under the About tab.
I have all kind of cool and creative stuff going on as well as in the pipeline for Planting Happiness. I love to share it with you through this blog and my Planting Happiness Shop. Feel free to share your ideas as well with me, so that I can reblog them on this blog. I strongly believe in caring for each other, therefore of every product which you buy in my shop, $1 is donated to a social cause.

Below pic was taken during a Ladybugs Release Cocktail Party, which we organized last June 21 in a new urban roof terrace garden at the 18th floor of a residential complex in downtown Montreal. You see me holding a tiny box with 4,500 live ladybugs, which we released into the urban garden that evening! Pretty cool and very useful for organic urban gardening!

I wish you a great weekend on your side! Take care, Gera



Are you looking for cool, affordable pencils to give to your kids for the start of their new school or study year? Do you want to write yourself with more creativity? Feel inspired by the 3 different designs of PenSprouts, which are now available in our Planting Happiness Shop! We ship worldwide.
See for yourself –>
From every product we sell, we donate $1 to a social cause.

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