Planting Happiness™, a brand with a Heart, aiming to plant happiness in peoples’ daily lives as well as empower many, to plant happiness with others as well as within themselves.

With Planting Happiness™, we would like to show and offer you, an exciting variety of solution-oriented, multi-purpose and affordable options, whether through Do It Yourself ideas or ready made products available in our shop. This focused on the reality of living and gardening in smaller urban living environments. We will also share with you various interesting facts, pictures of great spots we find when we are on the road and information regarding new developments, publications, technology as well as the environment.

We strongly believe that giving back is also an essential part of planting more happiness. For that reason, we have started the Planting Happiness™ Social Involvement. From this platform, we will support our own social involvement programs, as well as the programs initiated by our vendors, who are providing us with the fabulous products we offer in our shop.

For every product you buy through our Planting Happiness™ Shop, we will make a donation to our Planting Happiness™ Social Involvement.

You can read more about the founder’s personal inspiration of establishing Planting Happiness under The Initial Sparks tab in this blog.

We wish you many happy moments in exploring and enjoying your quality of life! 

Warm regards,

The Planting Happiness™ Team



We believe that everybody deserves the credit for their hard work and creativity. It is our policy to mention all the names, web-links and credits for images which are not ours and are displayed on our facebook page, blog and website. 

Unfortunately, not everybody is mentioning their name and/or web/email address with their images or creative works.
If you see one of your images on our pages without your name or if you recognize works of others, please contact us with the credit information, so that we can add that immediately and provide you with the well deserved credit and exposure! Thank you!